The Many Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping

Why You Should Consider Vehicle Wrap Services for Your Fleet

Custom vehicle wrapAccording to a recent study, the average driver spends one month every year behind the wheel. More than 3000 people will see your vehicle every day. Just imagine the opportunities you’re missing here. As a business owner that has a fleet of vehicles, you should take vehicle wrapping services into serious consideration. Whether you choose full wrapping or only some well-placed custom decals, rest assured that your advertising campaign will soon pay off. Continue reading

Want To Have Different Type of Advertisement For Your Fleet of Vehicles?

What Are Meta Fonts and How Will They Be Incorporated in a Wall Banner?

The Meta fonts are typefaces with calligraphic features, but don’t confuse them with Meta font programming language. The characters of these fonts have variations to their line widths and are extremely readable. For this reason alone, many people choose to use this for making a wall banner or their fleet graphic designs. Continue reading

Are There Different Types of Materials for Custom Decals?

What Are Vehicle Wrap Designs Made From?

Within the vehicle wrap industry there are two vinyl films used Cast and Calendared.
Should you decide to get your car or boat done in custom decals demand a Cast film with a Cast laminate.

Shrinkage is low due to the casting sheet, not the film being pulled through the machine. Since the film has no stress applied to it during manufacturing, it does not try to resume its original form. Continue reading